TPM Training

Our mission is to equip you to receive God’s truth by teaching you a safe, and proven way of prayer to discover the root of what’s driving you, resulting in transformed hearts and minds.

Would you like to learn a powerful way to connect with God on a regular basis and make it a lifestyle?  Serenity Retreat offers three levels of TPM training: an introductory course (Basic Seminar), an in-depth in a 6-week course (T-Group), and a 10-week course that equips you to minister the TPM method on others (T-School).  Our personalized, Biblical courses are led by TPM Mentors with 5+ years of experience.

Basic Seminar

Encounter God!  Our Basic Seminar is a course that teaches you the Biblical basics of TPM that includes witnessing a simulated TPM session.


Our Transformation Group is a high-level course in the purpose, process, and principles of TPM with the goal of ministering TPM on yourself.


Master the process!  Our Transformation School is an in-depth study of the process and method of TPM with the goal of you ministering TPM to others following an internship.

Truth Summit

Refine your light! Our Truth Summit is a small group experience for TPM Mentors who want to take their skills to the next level.  No matter where you are, you will benefit from coaching and discussion.

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