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TPM Training

Our mission is to equip you to receive God’s truth by teaching you a safe, and proven way of prayer. 

Transformation Prayer Ministry is a tool to gain God’s perspective in any of those places where you have had faulty beliefs. Since all of our perceptions, emotions, and actions come directly from our beliefs, it’s such great news that when the Holy Spirit persuades your heart, you will experience a shift in your belief. 

Would you like to learn a powerful way to connect with God on a regular basis and make it a lifestyle?  Serenity Retreat offers three levels of TPM training: an introductory course (TPM 101), an in-depth in a 6-week course (T-Group), and a 10-week course that equips you to minister the TPM method on others (T-School).  Our personalized, Biblical courses are led by TPM Mentors with 5+ years of experience.

TPM 101

Encounter God!  Our Basic Seminar is a course that teaches you the Biblical basics of TPM that includes witnessing a simulated TPM session.


Our Transformation Group is a high-level course in the purpose, process, and principles of TPM with the goal of ministering TPM on yourself.


Master the process!  Our Transformation School is an in-depth study of the process and method of TPM with the goal of you ministering TPM to others following an internship.

Truth Summit

Refine your light! Our Truth Summit is a small group experience for TPM Mentors who want to take their skills to the next level.  No matter where you are, you will benefit from coaching and discussion.