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About Us


A world where everyone is transformed by the healing and redeeming power of Jesus.


Equipping all generations in a prayer process that allows for a transformational encounter with God.


  • Excellent, pure, confidential Transformation Prayer Ministry
  • Prayerful, scriptural decision making
  • Honor and care for the individual

What Is TPM?

Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) is a biblically based, prayer process that helps individuals get to the root of their emotions and beliefs. Dr. Ed Smith says, “the goal of TPM is that every believer might know the truth within his or her heart, resulting in an effortless and maintenance-free expression of the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their daily life.”

What We Do

We believe that a prayer process can usher people into the presence of God. At Serenity Retreat, we are meeting the needs of those who are longing to hear truth from God, get his perspective and become radically transformed. “You shall experience the truth, and it shall set you free.” John 8:32

 Serenity Retreat offers the following services:

One-Hour Prayer Sessions

Personal Healing Retreats

Group & Sponsored Retreats

Pastor & Minister Respite