Equipping men, women, and children for transformational encounters with God through a guided prayer process.

Serenity Retreat offers Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) to help individuals learn what’s driving them so they can grow and be transformed. Serenity Retreat offers the following services:

One-Hour TPM Sessions

Personal Healing Retreats

Sponsored & Group Retreats

Our Success Story

Serenity Retreat Results

Serenity Retreat is a national TPM center!  More than 25,000 sessions of TPM have been administered since the year 2000.


Of those who reported anxiety, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

  • 78% no longer feel overwhelmed by panic or fear
  • 72% say uncontrollable or obsessive thoughts are now mild or gone
  • 74% are now able to sleep


Of those who reported failed relationships, surveyed before and after 3 sessions at Serenity Retreat:

  • 70% are no longer hopeless
  • 37% are no longer medicated for depression
  • 56% no longer feel the desire to end their lives


    Of those who reported failed relationships, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

    • 31% say marriages have improved
    • 31% say reconciliation is happening with the family
    • 75% notice new success in relationships


    Of those who reported anger, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

    • 68% say their marriages or relationships have improved
    • 60% have fewer problems caused by anger at work or school

        Deepened Relationship With God

        • 96% of people who receive TPM say they have a deepened relationship with God

            Problems Solved

            • 89% of people experiencing a TPM session say the problem they came with is solved


              What Our Guests Say About Their Experience

              • “Thank you for changing my heart and my life. I will never feel the old hurts I was clinging to that had so much damaging effect in my soul again. I will be back when my Heavenly Father says, ‘Time for a tune-up.’”

                — Cynthia
              • “I’ve been in the throne room! He’s never seemed so real. I’ve wanted this all my life.”

                — Pastor
              • “This has been an amazing experience for me. I have not felt this much peace in my life in a long time (if ever). I came with tears of pain and I left with peace in my heart knowing the Lord was with me. Thank you to all who prayed for me and with me. What an awesome team.”

                — Michelle
              • “I allowed my anger to be a big part of my life and it made me who I was. Now I walk out of Serenity Retreat with a clean slate and a clear understanding of what my purpose is.”

                — D.M.
              • “Thanks for opening the fireworks of my soul. I pray for all who come after me that they will be just as blessed beyond measure. Dios tebendiga.”

                — Abbi
              • “This experience truly changed my life. I feel like I can finally feel and hear God again. I know now that I truly have to trust Him. I feel as though the shackles have been removed and the chains rooted in pain, anger, and sadness from my past no longer have me bound. I am free to live, free to love, and free to trust. Wow what an amazing experience. You all truly changed my life.”

                — Desiree

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