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Transform Your Life through Prayer
Your Journey to Healing and Wholeness Starts Here

We believe that encounters with God are not rare, equipping of the Holy Spirit can happen, and transformation of the heart can last.  Let us show you a simple and intentional way to position yourself to gain God’s perspective again and again.

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Serenity Retreat Results

Serenity Retreat is a national TPM center!  More than 25,000 sessions of TPM have been administered since the year 2000.


Of those who reported anxiety, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

  • 78% no longer feel overwhelmed by panic or fear
  • 74% are now able to sleep
  • 72% say uncontrollable or obsessive thoughts are now mild or gone


Of those who reported depression, surveyed before and after 3 sessions at Serenity Retreat:

  • 70% are no longer hopeless
  • 56% no longer feel the desire to end their lives
  • 37% are no longer medicated for depression


    Of those who reported failed relationships, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

    • 75% notice new success in relationships
    • 31% say marriages have improved
    • 31% say reconciliation is happening with the family


    Of those who reported anger, surveyed before and after three sessions at Serenity Retreat:

    • 68% say their marriages or relationships have improved
    • 60% have fewer problems caused by anger at work or school

        Deepened Relationship With God

        • 98% of people who receive TPM say they have a deepened relationship with God

            Problems Solved

            • 89% of people experiencing a TPM session say the problem they came with is solved


              What Our Guests Say About Their Experience

              • “Thank you for changing my heart and my life. I will never feel the old hurts I was clinging to that had so much damaging effect in my soul again. I will be back when my Heavenly Father says, ‘Time for a tune-up.’”

                — Cynthia
              • “I’ve been in the throne room! He’s never seemed so real. I’ve wanted this all my life.”

                — Pastor
              • “This has been an amazing experience for me. I have not felt this much peace in my life in a long time (if ever). I came with tears of pain and I left with peace in my heart knowing the Lord was with me. Thank you to all who prayed for me and with me. What an awesome team.”

                — Michelle
              • “I allowed my anger to be a big part of my life and it made me who I was. Now I walk out of Serenity Retreat with a clean slate and a clear understanding of what my purpose is.”

                — D.M.
              • “Thanks for opening the fireworks of my soul. I pray for all who come after me that they will be just as blessed beyond measure. Dios tebendiga.”

                — Abbi
              • “This experience truly changed my life. I feel like I can finally feel and hear God again. I know now that I truly have to trust Him. I feel as though the shackles have been removed and the chains rooted in pain, anger, and sadness from my past no longer have me bound. I am free to live, free to love, and free to trust. Wow what an amazing experience. You all truly changed my life.”

                — Desiree
              • “The experience is truly life changing. The more you are willing to reflect and spend the time with God, the more you can experience the transformation process. I believed in the process and I truly was engaged. I can testify that God will meet you at your point of need and that the process works!”

                — S.C.
              • “It is a no-pressure atmosphere where you can share freely and get help to listen to what God has to say.”

                — D.R.
              • “I feel so at peace since my stay. Book your stay at Serenity Retreat Bellville. It’s so worth it.”

                — T.D.
              • “It was a tremendous blessing to pray with prayer partners who believe in the work of the Holy Spirit and who recognize the spiritual battle we are in against the enemy. My prayer time brought some relief to my soul and gave me quite a few prayer points to continue to take to the Lord.”

                — D.O.
              • “I have a more positive outlook on things since attending. I feel more peaceful and calm.”

                — C.M.
              • “TPM has been a life changer for me. I was able to learn how to talk to God. I had always thought I did through prayer but I never realized I was having a one way conversation with him. I always thought he must’ve forgotten me or maybe my problems were too big for him to want to even talk to me, but what it actually was was that I never took the time to stop and listen to what he was telling me. Since TPM, I have been listening. In every situation I face, I stop, close my eyes, and listen.”

                — E.R.

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