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Encounters with God don’t have to be rare! If you are ready to get rid of emotional pain in your life, God is ready too.  At Serenity Retreat, we want to equip you to receive truth by providing a safe, guided experience so you can discover the root of what’s driving you.  Serenity Retreat offers the following services:

One-Hour TPM Sessions

  • Book an online (via Zoom) Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM) session today!

  • During your one-hour session, you will learn how to access the beliefs you have picked up along your life, mostly in childhood. Beliefs such as, “I’m not good enough,” “there’s something wrong with me,” or “I’m not safe” can cause pain even if they are untrue. In your TPM session, we can help you connect with God who wants to replace your wrong beliefs with truth.

  • Our goal is to help you learn how to connect with God, using TPM as a highly effective tool. Two trained Prayer Ministers will teach and guide you for one hour in a confidential, non-judgmental atmosphere.

  • Participating in three sessions is the expected minimum (a maximum of one session per week).

  • There is no charge for TPM, but we value them at $175 per session.

Personal Healing Retreats

  • During your overnight experience, you will receive three sessions of Transformation Prayer Ministry (TPM). Between sessions, you are free to walk the wooded trail, stroll around the lake, rock on the porch, or simply take a nap.

  • Each guest stays in a private room with private bath and porch. Two delicious, healthy meals and snacks are provided during your stay, and we are happy to accommodate your dietary needs.

  • Call (713) 649-7729 or email info@serenityretreat.com to learn more about dates, rates, and other important details!

  • General Welcome Packet (PDF)

Group & Sponsored Retreats

  • Book a group or sponsored of 8-24 people for the perfect weekend retreat getaway! The property is situated on 26 rolling acres with a prayer chapel and outdoor, lakeside pavilion. Perfect for hosting small retreats!

  • We offer two kinds of retreats:
    • Group Retreat:
      • Book a weekend and bring your own programming! Serenity Retreat Bellville is perfect for staff development trainings, prayer team retreats, pastoral staff getaways, men’s and women’s retreats, and other small group weekends!
    • Sponsored Retreats:
      • Are you in a small group or have a close group of friends who want to experience Transformation Prayer Ministry? Book a sponsored retreat where everyone in your group will receive one TPM session.

  • Call (713) 649-7729 or email info@serenityretreat.com to learn about available dates, rates, and other important details!

Pastor & Minister Respite

  • Are you a pastor, minister, or missionary in need of a getaway? Consider staying up to two nights at Serenity Retreat Bellville for some much needed respite so you can return to your ministry feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored! 

  • Call (713) 649-7729 or email info@serenityretreat.com to learn about available dates, rates, and other important details!

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