Nicole Banks

Nicole has extensive experience in successfully managing various business segments including global strategy, development, operations, roadmap, and processes to fully realize an organization’s growth.She has more than 15 years of leadership experience in the nonprofit sector industry including 10 years of global experience.

She was named senior vice president of strategic projects by the mega ministry, West Angeles Church. She also served as chair of the WestAngeles’ African and South American groups, before becoming Chief People Officer for corporate and charitable leadership for De Passe Entertainment where she was responsible for human resource functions across the company’s global offices including recruitment, professional development, and the company’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Nicole is currently a board member of Save Africa’s Children and Church of God in Christ Global Relations Division. She also serves on the advisory board forWorld Mission’s Organization. She has significant experience working with the humanitarian sector and various United Nations agencies.

While holding a Bachelors in Anthropology and a Masters in Divinity she also founded her own Nonprofit, I AM Resource where she sends resource kits and pharmaceutical aid to underdeveloped countries: particularly a kitchen and clinic in Malawi.

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